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Brides & Power

by John Max

It has occurred to me that the reason many of you aren't seeing the success with brides that you'd like to, is because you're giving them too much power over you. A perfect example is one of the blondes I fucked awhile back.

I believe that I met her at a party some time ago that consisted mostly of guys. If I remember correctly, every guy there was drooling over her. I won't say that I treated her like shit, I simply spoke my mind. Moving on. We met up or whatever later on, and all of my friends were foaming at the mouth, telling me how hot she was, while staring her down.

Me? I just didn't give a fuck. She was just a girl to me. I gave her beauty absolutely no power over my behavior. And you know what? I fucked her with very little effort. The same can be said about Cornfed.

woman holding beige-petaled flower bouquet

One of my boys had been trying to fuck her for the longest time, and it just didn't happen, because he gave the way she looked too much power over his behavior. She started hanging around me, I barely even acknowledged her presence, and I fucked her with very little effort. In fact, she just texted me a few minutes ago asking me how I was doing. What did I do? I responded with 'call or message me when you want to hook up.'. Straight to the point.

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And then there is Freckles. One night she asked me to come meet up with her, so I figured 'whatever' and met up with her at a party. One of my boys said something to her, and she said "Omari came to see ME.". I don't know what she meant by that, but I immediately started walking away.

What did she do? Chase me down. Not only that, but when I told her I was leaving anyway, she asked for a hug. What the fuck do I look like hugging chicks? I wanna fuck, not hug. If you wanna hug somebody, you came to the wrong nigga. Then she tried to play that little power game, "Omari, if you don't give me a hug, I'll never talk to you again.".

And you can guess what I did next, I didn't even respond, just turned around and walked away. Not only did she text me the VERY NEXT MORNING, but she has been texting me ever since, gaining very little, if any, response from me.

There are many more instances like this, but the point is, I am giving brides absolutely no power over me. If a chick says or does something dumb, I let her know. If she tries to use her looks or body as leverage over me, I completely ignore her. And if she tries to play that "make him wait" game with me, I let her know how it is, and what I expect. Do you understand where I'm coming from? A position of power.